Youth Work In Trades (Apprenticeship) Program

Who it's designed for

Youth Work In Trades (Apprenticeship) provides a smoother transition from school to work and a quicker route to trade certification. Meet with your career facilitator to get started.

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What is Youth Work In Trades & The $1000 Youth Apprenticeship Grant

Youth Work In Trades (Formerly Secondary School Apprenticeship) is a high school credit program that provides students 14 years of age and over (including Graduates!) with the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship while still in high school. Students must be employed (paid) in an apprenticeable trade. Please see for the list of trades that are recognized in B.C. Most students’ work does not interfere with their school day. Youth Work in Trades can be completed on weekends, evenings, summer holidays, or on a special release from school if the timetable will permit. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a head start on a trade while completing secondary school graduation while also qualifying for a 1000 dollar grant.

How to Apply for the Secondary School Apprenticeship Program

  • The first step is to meet with your Career Facilitator for an informational interview
  • All dual credit programs and courses must be approved by the school Career Facilitator and the school district
  • Once approved, application forms are completed by the student with their Career Facilitator.

Program Details Eligibility FAQs

Students that complete 480 hours of work experience receive 16 graduation credits. Youth Work In Trades students, who complete a minimum of 900 apprenticeship hours and maintain a c+ or better average in their Grade 12 courses, may also qualify for a $1000 scholarship.

Youth Work In Trades provides a smoother transition from school to work and a quicker route to trade certification.

Program Benefits:

  • Earn money while learning skills valued by employers
  • Get a head start in your career – an SSA student can be a “journey person” by the time they are 21.
  • Earn 16 credits towards graduation (4 courses worth 4 credits each)
  • Be eligible to receive a $1,000.00 scholarship.
  • Get $1,000.00 tax credit after completion of your Level 1

Youth Work In Trades courses and programs allow motivated secondary school students the opportunity to begin career training in trades, technical programs and first year university courses prior to graduation. Students who participate in this early entry receive credit towards their Grade 12 graduation requirements as well as University or College credit.

Who is Eligible to Participate

  • Students who are school age (15-18 years of age as of July 1st of the current school year) and enrolled in a District Secondary school or DL Program
  • Some programs require a formal application and interview process through the school counselor or Career Coordinator.

What are the benefits of the Youth Work In Trades (Apprenticeship) program for students?

Secondary students registered as apprentices while completing high school graduation requirements earn high school graduation credits for hours worked. 120 hours of paid work experience earns Youth Work In Trades four credits towards graduation. School age apprentices can earn up to 16 credits (for 480 hours of work experience) towards graduation. Upon graduation, Youth Work In Trades students that have 16 SSA credits and have maintained a C+ average in their grade 12 courses, receive $1000 through the Youth Work In Trades scholarship program.

What is the role of the Secondary School in the Youth Work In Trades program?

Secondary School Staff promote the Youth Work In Trades program and seek out potential student apprentices. Sometimes Youth Work In Trades students are hidden and do not know about the program. Program promotion and student counseling are key parts of the secondary schools’ role.

What is the role of the District Career Department in the Youth Work In Trades program?

Our Career Department will assist the student and often the employer in completing all the required registration and tracking forms. Beyond supporting the registration process the Career Department also monitor students during their on the job training, ensure students where appropriate are linked to the Youth Train in Trades program (see the how to section for details), report Youth Work In Trades (apprenticeship) work hours, ensure Youth Work In Trades marks are reported to the ministry of education, and assist students in completing the Youth Work In Trades scholarship application form.
The Career Department also has the privilege of handing out the $1000 Youth Work In Trades Scholarships upon completion of 900 hours and graduation.

What are the trades available for apprenticeship?

There is an extensive list of apprenticable trades that offer provincial and national certification. The best place to find a comprehensive list of these trades is to visit the Industry Training Authority website.