Career Education
Cowichan Valley School District

Career & Transitions

  • Locally developed educational programs that preparing students for entry into the workplace

  • Further education and training in a specific career pathway

  • Enhance the goal of career development (one of the three pillars of BC’s K-12 Education)

  • Counselors at each of our Secondary Schools and at the District level to assist students with post secondary and career decisions

  • The Cowichan Valley School District has become a leader in British Columbia in creating expanded opportunities for our students as they approach graduation

What will you do after highschool?

We offer a number of programs for every skill set. Scroll down to see the many programs to jump start your new career. Meet with your high school career facilitator to get started today!


Instructional Video Series

Career and Dual Credit Instructional Video Series for teacher’s to watch and use in class

Career Facilitators

Need more guidance? Connect with your high school career counselor for help

Career Education Resources

Collection of K-12 Career Education Resources

Dual Credit Program

The Dual Credit program gives students an opportunity to take post-secondary courses tuition free! These courses and programs are offered through our partnership with both Vancouver Island University and Camosun College. You’ll be a College / University student while you’re still working on completing high school. Dual Credit opportunities are available in trades, technology, health & human services, business, sport & exercise and arts & science. In many programs, our post secondary partners (VIU & Camosun College) reserves seats especially for our dual credit students.

In the Cowichan School District, we believe...

  • All students can learn

  • In supporting the whole child

  • Learning experiences should be engaging, purposeful and reflective of voice and choice

  • In using strength-based approaches

  • In the importance of Indigenous ways of knowing

  • Strength is found in diversity

What is Youth Work In Trades?

(and the $1000 Youth Apprenticeship Grant)

Youth Work In Trades (Formerly Secondary School Apprenticeship) is a high school credit program that provides students 14 years of age and over with the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship while still in high school. Students must be employed (paid) in an apprenticeable trade. Please see for the list of trades that are recognized in B.C. Most students’ work does not interfere with their school day. Youth Work in Trades can be completed on weekends, evenings, summer holidays, or on a special release from school if the timetable will permit. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a head start on a trade while completing secondary school graduation while also qualifying for a $1000 grant.

If you are currently working in a trade or would like to start your apprenticeship, please contact us at or call 250-746-0277 for more information. 

What is Work Experience or WEX?

Work Experience (WEX) allows grade 10-12 students in the Cowichan Valley School District to earn graduation credits for paid and unpaid work with a local employer. Students will have an 80 to 170-hour placement with employers as entry-level employees and/or job shadows.


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